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We are the Code Warriors, the computer club of DPS Vasant Kunj. We're a team of technology addicts, our skills ranging from gaming to designing

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How it began

The school started its computer club, the Code Warriors, in the year 1997. Arun Darlie Koshy was the founder president. The membership, at that time, was limited. However, these few members gave excellent competition to other clubs, although still in the learning process. The Code Warriors not only participate in contests but also share and develop technology.

Some of the prize-winning software developed by the Code Warriors are N-crypt It, Map Builder, Canon, Graphics, and Digital Messenger. Code Warriors have won more than 950 individual awards in our twenty glorious years of existence and more than 50 overall trophies.

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Join our discord server to get notified about upcoming events. We also help and assist dipsites interested in the fields of expertise covered by our club.

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Code Wars 2021 aka soBig.s was an online tech symposium hosted by Code Warriors, engaging competitors from schools all over the state in a battle of wits and a mix of creative and analytical skills across 8 diverse events, including hackathon, crossword and gaming among others. The overall was bagged by DPS RK Puram.

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The Team

Our team consists of highly skilled tech enthusiasts who dominate their expertise and consistently win podiums at prestigious events.



What are the criteria for getting into the club?
There are 2 ways to get into the club: Either you perform well in the annual intra school competition hosted by our club open to all, OR Get in touch with us & show us what you're capable of. If your skill is satisfactory, you can get into the club after winning an inter-school event/competition. P.S. Getting a podium in the intra school competitions does not guarantee your inductance into the club; it is only an opportunity for you to exhibit your skills.
What am I getting into?
Being a part of the club enables you to participate in a variety of platforms to polish your skills and claim merit. Some of the platforms include tech symposiums hosted by other clubs, which you otherwise won't be eligible to participate in.
Does CW teach their fields of expertise to interested dipsites?
No, we won't technically "teach" you what you're interested in, but we can certainly boost your way up the ladder. We've got experts in every field who are willing to assist you, including alumni whose legends are famous in the tech circuit.
I see people wearing CW hoodies/jackets/shirts every year. Does CW provide their own merch?
Yes, the core members of the club are provided with CW merch every year. However, these are only available to the members of the club, they are not open to all.